Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitchen tips via Pinterest

Hi there, my name is Anna and I'm about to change. your. life. You're welcome in advance.

One of my most favorite things about Pinterest is finding random and fabulous tips (cleaning, organizing, cooking) from people who are apparently way smarter than I am.

(Love this. Love it so much I'm regressing and saying that I sort of want to marry it.)

(This seems like a better alternative to drinking the rest of the bottle so it doesn't go to waste, which I've never ever done. Ever.)

(Please, please, let this be acceptable to my picky children)

(or to help keep your stainless steel appliances fingerprint-free!)

(I'm pretty sure I still couldn't manage this... but now I want to try! In theory... maybe I want to try. Will someone do this for me?)

(Apparently also works for inside your oven? Must try, must buy this woman a gift.)

(Sa-weeeet. I've actually heard that people love these... now I don't have to buy one.)

(I die. Nuff said.)


  1. OMG. What an awesome site that is! And I am totally trying the ammonia trick. I thought people just bought new stoves. Or never really cooked on them like we do.

  2. I love the cilantro cube idea. I hate chopping cilantro with a passion. Great tips :)

  3. WOW! Thanks for the great tips! I am running to the store to get some ammonia!

  4. great tips! I am totally in love with pinterest too. I think I already follow you, but I'll have to make sure so I can repin some of these! Thanks!

  5. Most useful pinterest post of all time! Thanks for sharing such gems. :)

  6. The ammonia and baby oil ideas just made me excessively happy (my old appliances are I'm creating a new board just for kitchen tips now...GREAT POST!

  7. Thanks for shareing great ideas. I love how you used your Pinterest to make this post love it. I need to get some ideas on there and you showed me the light of how to make better use of my pins.

  8. I love love pinterest. I find so much tips and ideas.


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