Friday, May 27, 2011

My Laundry Room Keeps Getting Uglier...

...I'm cool with ugly though, because in my world stuff always gets worse before it gets better. Plus, there is so much more to a room makeover than a couple posts about paint colors and what accessories you're choosing. I'm keepin' in real around here. I am secure in my hot mess of a laundry room.

No ceiling? No problem

Appliances on a 2x4 platform? I call that "construction chic." Don't be jealous, y'all.

Random piles of my shameful little secret littering the ground? A 'rainbow colored explosion of potential brilliance' is more accurate, I think.

Seriously though, you don't want to see how much paint I have hidden away. You know how some husbands are distressed by their wife's shoe collection and are subsequently less than thrilled when a new pair makes its way home? Yeah, that's how my husband is about my paint collection... well, my shoes too. Poor guy.

Back to the topic at hand! Can I win an ugly room award? Does someone want to enter me in some HGTV "pimp my laundry room" contest? Because I'd be okay with that. Someone else can paint my concrete floors. Be my guest, television professionals.

Do I wish this room was complete? Sure. I also wish I had a million dollars and a personal assistant. So I'll work on those and get back to you. Do you have any projects that get stuck in one ugly spot? Any words of encouragement for me?
P.S. If you're still reading, thanks for still loving me this week and hopping back after my brief hiatus. These past few days have been an exercise in craziness, complete with me missing my little boy's end-of-year musical program and the crushing weight of mommy guilt that soon followed and still lingers. I'm just trying to see my way through this blustery, cold (possibly snowy if you believe that) Memorial Day weekend in one piece. Oh, and there will be homemade chocolate chip cookies involved, and my diet can suck it.

Also, I will be posting tomorrow's garden progress photos, and I'm sure everyone is now biting their nails in anticipation. Hey, I don't blame you. Watching plants grow is my favorite pasttime too.


  1. It will look amazing, and girl I love the appliance nice is it to not hunch over!!!! I may be rearranging my TINY laundry room to give my dryer some beefin up! Way to go :) About the Mommy guilt, someone somewhere recorded it, see if you can ask the room parent and see if you can borrow it or make a copy, special "movie" night with your lil guy will make him feel like a king and ease the guilt :)

  2. Umm hello, my basement/laundry area looks WAY worse than that. We are finally sprucing it up after a year... you are good girl! Embrace the ugly!! : ) Happy happy weekend. Enjoy a chocolate chip cookie for me!

  3. Well, we have been in my house for nearly 4 years and so far only 2 rooms have been painted. Can we say LAZY?? lol

  4. I can't wait to see it after it's finished! In my tiny apartment my kitchen doubles as the laundry room, so I can't WAIT to have one to give a makeover!

  5. Even if you do nothing else to your laundry room, it looks way better than mine. A room that will probably never make the blog (with good reason). This will be a fun makeover to watch!


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