Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

It's about time.

The sun is out finally, and according to it's above 60-degrees here at my casa in my windy little 'burb in potato-land. I have been in the biggest funk these last few weeks, waiting for more than 6 hours in a row where it felt mildly springlike.

Questioning why we ever moved from Salt Lake City with its extra month of warm weather each year.

Wondering if I should dust the stack of shorts in my boys' closet.

Well, no longer! The sun is out, it's moderately warm and my tulips are blooming. Now is the time to celebrate. Never you mind that it's set to rain for the next five days.

Also, tomorrow is the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week, a week which has helped me realize the extent of my procrastination problem. I sent half of the gift for my son's Kindergarten teacher to school on Monday, and I'm furiously trying to start finish the other part today before time runs out. 

I'm making her a mod podged clipboard. I even bought scrapbook paper -- that's so out of character for me.  This hopelessly untalented, unmotivated crafter is pretty proud of that accomplishment. I didn't even get the cold sweats in the scrapbook aisle!

As for the clipboard, well... proud isn't the right word. Let's just hope my son's teacher doesn't turn out to be some world champion Mod Podger. Because it's painfully obvious that I couldn't even place at the Mod Podge regionals. Bubbles add character, right?

Are you interested in making your own Mod Podged clipboard for a gift or for your own totally deserving, "to do" list making self?

If so, here are the easy to follow steps:

1. Don't listen to me.
2. Mod Podge is hard, y'all.
3. Why do we pronounce it 'modge podge' when it's so obviously spelled 'mod podge'?
3. Go here for instructions from someone who knows what they're doing.

The end.

I'm going to spend the rest of my sunny Thursday planting some flowers and hoping that the evil squirrels, birds, rabbits and dogs that run rampant around these parts haven't eaten all the wildflower seeds I sprinkled in my desolate backyard flower beds.

I decided to go the seed-sprinkling route last year, when I realized that every single time I get a little extra money I do something silly with it like buy paint, which does not a garden grow.

I'm worried though; If the evil squirrels eat all the flower seeds, as I suspect is their plan, my only remaining option will be to win the lottery. And I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that, because I haven't won anything since a restaurant-sponsored coloring contest when I was young. We'll be doomed.

Any warm thoughts or prayers you could send my backyard's way would be much appreciated.

P.S. In other incredibly important news, Lily of the Valley sort of resembles worms coming out of the ground.  This is upsetting to me.


  1. Just so you know, SLC hasn't been very nice yet this year either! Today is nice and tomorrow is supposed to be, then back to yucky weather...

    Have fun outside!! I'm with you--I need warm weather. :)



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