Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21: How Does Your Garden Grow?

I don't usually post on the weekends, because I'm busy walking around in my pajamas sipping coffee doing all those important things I do on weekends.. But just for (my) fun I've decided to post an ongoing series of photos dedicated to capturing the baby step progress I make in my totally bare backyard flower gardens.

We're going to have so much fun watching plants grow!
Ha. ha. ha. Okay, I'll have so much fun.

A little back story, just so you don't think I'm an extraordinary flower hater or killer (I'm really just a mediocre one):

The side garden along the fence was just created last year when we laid sod in the yard. It had previously been a rotting side deck with wooden planter boxes that housed a giant man-eating yellow jacket nest. All that exposed wet dirt action in the planters was busy rotting the bottom of the fence posts, so we wanted to plant something with a little height to hide the bottom of the fence until we could replace the boards.

The garden under the cherry tree and back window used to be home to some sort of vine spreader with pretty flowers that turned into burrs. After picking gross amounts of burrs off of the boys and dog a couple times, I ripped the offending plant out and was left with another sadly bare space.

This spring I sprinkled a wildflower mix in both gardens, then I added cosmos and snapdragons to the sunnier spots. My heart beats for cosmos in the summer.

Here's a side garden right after sprinkling the seeds...

And here it is today, several weeks and several squirrel invasions later.

At this point I'm not sure what's a flower and what's a weed. I'm not touching anything, I'm just so glad the squirrels left me a few greent hings.

Here's the back garden after I planted the seeds,

And here it is today:

By the way, anything large and/or tall in this garden is either a weed or the garden's lone surviving inhabitant, a bleeding heart.

Hopefully these photos will become more dramatic as time goes on. Stay tuned for more!

Interested in following along? Skip ahead to next week's photos.


  1. You're still here! Yay! I was worried you'd be raptured.

  2. I've got kind of a black thumb, so really appreciate your photos!

  3. You are hilarious, my side flower bed looks just about the same. Hey I think I killed a holly bush. NO ONE kills a holly bush. LOL
    Thanks for making me smile.
    I wish I could figure out how to select a profile.

  4. You are hilarious. My side flower bed looks just about the same. And I think I killed a holly bush! No one kills a holly bush.


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