Thursday, October 7, 2010

Potty training is hard, y'all

"The time has come," the walrus said, "To talk of many things."

Or maybe just one thing: potty training. The dreaded 'p' word. (Also 'puberty' according to my older brother. Scary times call for scary words, people.)

I've been considerably more laid back this time around, probably out of sheer terror more than anything. But I can't deny it any longer, my younger son is ready. I'm terrified because potty training my first son was seriously a year long ordeal. I made plenty of rookie mistakes, and my oldest might just be the world's most strong-willed child (for realsies).

I picked my younger boy up at preschool on Monday to find out that he's been using the potty every day he's there. Every single day, people. The catch was, he only used the froggy. He shuns all other potties of any shape, color or musical ability.

So of course I ran right out and bought myself (well, him) a froggy potty. I'm not rockin' the boat this time, people. And I'm bribing him with m&m's. And I tried the whole 3 day potty training thing and it didn't work for us. And I used pull-ups with #1 and it helped him immensely with his anxiety over accidents. So I'm blazing my own trail... anybody have any nice non-judgmental words of potty training advice for someone who wishes there was a week long potty training boarding school she could send her kids to?


  1. Sorry, it has been way too long since I potty trained...but it sounds like you know what to expect and how better to deal with it. Good luck!

  2. I'm going to looking to you for advice in a few/weeks/months- Sophie has been acting interested in learning to use the potty this entire summer and the dr has told us to start but like you i have been dreading it and had been preparing myself to start in the winter after she turned 2 but this week she's been wanting to SIT on the toilet and the first time she sat i was wishing she'd just magically poop in the toilet and voila! she's trained- but of course nothing happened. We're going to have to go out soon to buy a potty for her and "everybody poops" book cause its a classic! But any advice u can send my way will be greatly appreciated cause it sounds like ur little guy is gonna be just fine. :)

  3. No huge advice except that when I had 3 in diapers I thought they would never be potty trained. Now my boys turn 16 next week and as I read your blog all I could think of was how much I would kill to have them back to that age again - and yeah I miss potty training. Im insane :)

  4. Boys like to pee on Cheerios. I realize that this may forever ruin the cereal in your mind, for it will now always be known as the "pee cereal". However--if you aren't such a big fan, I recommend sprinkling some in and letting him take aim.

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!!! I love the frog potty! My oldest should get it for his lil one they dubbed "froggie", but for my two toddlers? My Hubster picked out the most hilarious potty evah! It looks like a dump truck. And when they "use" it, it makes that funny little beeping noise that big trucks make when they "bak-up" Hubster and the older kids thought that was sooooo funny! OK, so did I, who am I kidding! ;p Do they lil boys use it? ABSOLUTELY not...:( They don't find it as funny as we do.....I'll have to resort to cheerios and fruit loops..OH! I saw these toilet targets on etsy..look em up! They are cute!

  6. My strong willed first born was four before poops went in the potty reliably. At one point I remember telling him that if he was not potty trained by 15 years of age, he was not driving my car. He rolled his eyes like only a three year old can. Bribes varied by child, Necco wafers for one and I can't remember for the other.


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