Sunday, June 5, 2011

06.05 How Does Your Garden Grow

Ah, watching plants grow. It's almost as fun as watching water boil! Maybe I need to get some Miracle Grow. I just keep telling myself that one day (God willing) I will have a flower somewhere in my backyard. Let's all keep our fingers crossed, okay?

You can at least see a hint of overall green in this photo (even though most of the green is grass clippings, gold star sticker for us for finally getting the lawn mowed):

The other garden, under the cherry tree, isn't quite as advanced. I'm sure it has something to do with this garden getting less sun throughout the day, but I'm also considering foul play. Squirrels better watch their backs.You can barely even notice the green in this photo. Sigh.

But it's there. It's just small and a bit more spread out.

The thornless honeylocust we planted last year is finally leafing out in earnest (apparently they leaf out late, and late spring in Idaho is June. Ha.)

Our apple tree is still alive with the sound of bees buzzing in the warmth of the day, but as you can see it has started to drop its blossoms. This poor tree has fire blight, but for now I'm pretending that everything is happy in its little world. Shhh, don't tell it that it has to come out this year or next. Sad face.

If anybody actually reads these weekend garden posts besides me, thanks for watching my plants grow! I can't wait until I have something a bit prettier to share than vast expanses of dirt.

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  1. I am watching dirt as well...hopefully something grows soon! Good luck!

  2. Lots-o-dirt here, too. I tried to plant watermelons in my front garden. They didn't come up. So I planted pumpkin seeds, too. Now something is coming up, but I have no idea which one it is!

  3. I read it and find it fascinating how much things change in a week this time of year. Before long, your garden is going to be full.

  4. Why is it winter in my part of the world? Sigh.


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