Sunday, June 12, 2011

06.12 How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ahem. I am pleased to announced that I finally see green when I look at my gardens. It's not quite out of the "boy, that's a lot of weeds" phase, but I'm convinced that it will soon start to look more garden-y (even if it's a sad garden of the sparse sort) and less like I'm completely ignoring the space.

Aaand, just a warning -- I was totally lazy busy and I forgot to take photos until midday, which means the sun is high and my dirt photos are dappled which means they're harder to see. Sorry 'bout that, won't happen again.

First, the garden under the cherry tree. See what I meant about dappled?

The little plants are smaller in this garden, but at least there are more springing up. Maybe the squirrels didn't eat every seed.

And next, the garden along the fence:

There's several larger plants growing there -- I'm not sure if they came from my wildflower seed shaker or if their weedy invaders from the neighbor's garden. If they were in my front garden I'd pull them, but back here? In my wildflower zone? No clue. Anybody want to tell me what they are? Should I pull them?

My Seussical honeylocust has made progress too!

The next three weekends are pretty much festivals of craziness for my family, so I'm currently trying to figure out if "How Does Your Garden Grow" posts will even be possible. I might have to do them a day or two early, if that's all right!

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  1. These would be Morning Glorys (I think?). Did you have some there last year? They do re-seed. I have them all over.

  2. I was wondering if that's what they were, but I always remember them as horrid weeds that we had to pull like mad. Are there different non-weedy sorts, or are these weeds?

  3. Anna,
    There is a annual morning glory used in climbing displays and what you have shown is not the perennial plant you remember. However I am not convinced that what you have in the photo is the annual variety either.


  4. Yay for your garden!

    A cute little garden-mongering bunny has moved into our back yard. He seems quite fond of my young veggie plantings, so we've become arch enemies!


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