Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday love-and-sap-fest

Last night I was spending some time in a nostalgic haze, going through family photos and remembering the sweet baby moments I've shared with my two boys over the past several years I've been blessed to be their mom.

 It's so hard to truly appreciate just how fleeting those moments are until they have vanished and you're left with mud-covered, "give me back my ball!" shouting hooligans wrestling in your backyard.

Now don't get me wrong, I love those hooligans fiercely. But one day everybody wakes up and realizes just how quickly all those sweet sugary-lump snuggley neck-smelling times gave way roly poly learning to sit up times, which gave way to he-called-me-"mama" times, then he took his first wobbly step times, and so on. And you can't stop from feeling a strangely sad and sweet tug at your heart; they will never, ever be those babies again.

And even though you realize that you're a giant walking cliche, and a small part of you still cringes whenever you realize your parents were right, you can't help but start blubbering about how they'll be in high school in two weeks, college in three, married in four. (or six -- it's okay to wait, kids.)

And then this commercial comes on, and it's all over.


  1. so true! when Jens was born and Sophie came to visit us at the hospital for the first time Cor and I were both in shock at how big she suddenly looked. And now everyday I keep noticing something new/different about her and am already wishing in my head she'd stop growing and stay my sweet baby girl.

  2. Your so right Anna, Too me you are somewhere between holding you breath until.... and playing with the pile of sugar dumped on the floor. Well maybe a little older than that. Where did the time go?

  3. I could not agree more! It is so true! Love the pics of your kids! Adorable!

  4. Awww....I remember those neck snuggles and sugar lumps. just wait till those adorable hooligans play football and drive...and date....and stay out past curfew....I know mom and dad said we would get ours, but really, is this necessary? I think not. :)
    thanks for the morning bawl fest.
    are you coming to Will's football game this morning darling? last one of regular season....9 a.m.

  5. Awwwww, I feel this way often. It's weird how time goes faster and faster. I don't want to miss the important moments while I'm worrying about the unimportant, you know?
    Also, that video makes me feel old. lol. And at the very last second of it, there is a strange man who pulls a weird face. Who is that guy?! :P

  6. can't post... blubbersnuffling seems to have shorted out my keyboard... xoxo


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