Friday, December 10, 2010


A fabulous lady, Jeannett from the blog Life Rearranged, is working very hard to raise money to help Cliff, a little boy with Down's Syndrome in an Eastern European orphanage. Adoption costs a lot of money, and she wants to help make a difference in the life of this little guy, one of so many orphans across the globe who need and deserve families.

(Photo from Life Rearranged)

Please go check out Jeannett's original post about Cliff to learn about the plan and consider donating to help raise money to help cover some of the adoption expenses for whatever family decides that Cliff belongs with them.

At the time this post was published, over $5,000 had already been raised -- and according to Jeannett, it's made up mostly of small donations. So if you're moved to donate even $5 or $10 -- it makes a difference, I promise.

I've added a link in my sidebar for Cliff, and you can hop over to Jeannett's site to get the code to add one to your own blog if you like -- and if you do, make sure to enter her giveaway. Several people, including me, have donated items that one lucky Cliff-sidebar-putter-upper will get when they win.

I donated these lia sophia jewelry pieces, worth $134 to the giveaway... and that's just one of the fabulous things you could win for getting involved!

Please take a moment to go check it out -- your heart will be glad you did.

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