Friday, December 10, 2010

Elf ears

We belong to a magical sort of family.

I grew up believing my grandma was a real live witch, and photographs of her elaborate Halloween costume only served to cement that fact in my mind. So naturally, being a quarter witch myself, I felt the need to encourage such magical and imaginative thoughts in my own children.

My sister Johannah must have felt the same way, since according to her stepson I found out that she has a  magical witch castle in Ireland. Next door to the castle is the magical fairy forest where I (a fairy queen, of course) reside. Her stepson also informed that me he was half elf, on account of his pointy ears.

Ever since hearing this news my oldest has been distraught as his ears are most decidedly rounded on top. It's all that fairy and witch blood I'm sure.

Fortunately, this season offers him the opportunity to fix his perceived elfin shortcomings.


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