Monday, March 14, 2011

My First Blog Series

This is the part where I pretend to know what I'm doing writing a blog. Hardy har har.

Just for fun, I've decided to write a short series this spring about my ideas on decorating with specific objects. I'll focus on a different object each Monday for the next six weeks. I'll be sharing ideas and examples and generally injecting my two cents into everything. (because I'd probably die if I couldn't share my opinions)

Here's the schedule:

March 28: Decorating with... books

April 4: Decorating with... mirrors

April 11: Decorating with... storage

April 18: Decorating with... pillows

April 25: Decorating with... plants

May 2: Decorating with... collections

I'm excited for my first try at a series... hopefully I'll see you there next Monday!


  1. Could you please add how to decorate with misplaced toys all over the house? ha ha ha ...
    Looking forward to your series, great idea!

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