Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pick My Birthday Cake. Please?

Have we been formerly introduced? I'm Anna, and I am horrible at making decisions.

Especially important ones.

And this, my friends, is important. I need to decide what I'm making for my birthday cake this month.

This is a vitally important decision because:

1. I'm on a diet.
2. I've got to make this sucker count.

Spread the word -- I don't know, tweet it. Post it! Share it! I'm not even kidding -- I will not be able to make such a life changing, earth shattering decision on my own. And who better to decide what sort of cake I celebrate with, than you? Fo sho.

Ahem. And now, the nominees...
Olive Garden Chocolate Lasagna Knockoff
Layers of chocolate cake and buttercream frosting. I don't even like Olive Garden and I was horrified when they took this off the menu.

Chocolate cake, heath bar, ganache... need I say more?

Our Life in the Kitchen's "Chocolate Raspberry Cake"
More chocolate cake, ths time with raspberry -- classic combo!

The Pioneer Woman's "Billie's Italian Cream Cake"
I don't even know what this is exactly, but it looks insane.

And the winner? Let's have a poll!
Feel free to leave write-in candidates in the comment section. Who knows, if it knocks my socks off enough I might just make a decision for myself.

Pick My Birthday Cake!


  1. I voted for the chocolate raspberry. All of them look delicious but to me there is something about homemade chocolate cakes.


  2. Yes, how can you go wrong with chocolate and raspberries?? It's the perfect winter giving way to spring taste.

  3. they all sound gorgeous but how about a rainbow cake like this one:

  4. Oh, I gained 15 pounds just looking at them. A good Italian Cream cake is yummy. Coconut, cream, pecans, cream cheese icing,
    Oops I just gained another 5 LOL

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. It wouldn't let me vote for all of them but I tried. I mean, it's your birthday!!! Should last at least a week and have enough for several informal celebratory gatherings. LOTS of cake is needed, and I volunteer to taste-test all of them to make sure they're safe for human consumption. It's the least a mother can do.

  7. Come one, you can't go wrong with chocolate AND toffee...HEAVEN!

  8. I already voted, but have to admit, my all time favorite birthday cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Nothing packaged of course. Classic. 3 layers. Yum. But seriously, how can you go wrong? These choices are off the hook!


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