Thursday, October 4, 2012

Color Pop with Pillows

Yesterday I took a few minutes to sew a couple new pillow covers for my living room sofa.

Oh, my living room. My perpetual work-in-progress, never-gonna-be-done space that I'm never fully happy with. Maybe one day. My aqua lamps need to be a different color, and I'd like another chair and while we're on the subject that mini wall needs to come down so I can do some rearranging.

I knew I wanted to add a deeper, more saturated color to offset all the aqua and help ground the space. I thought a rich teal would do the job nicely, and I found a faux velvet type fabric that added some warm texture as well. When I was at the store I also stumbled across a burst design fabric in aqua, gray and citron -- which helps pull my lemongrass chair in a bit more. Finding it was a happy accident.

I'm always on the lookout for fabrics or pillows that I like... random assortments appeal to me more than perfectly matched sets. I make most of my design decisions as I go along, and I'm good with that -- if it feels okay, then I say it's okay.


  1. I like the new pillows! The printed fabric is awesome.

  2. I think the entire space looks great and I agree things would be so much more balanced if the mini wall came down.


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