Friday, October 5, 2012

Entryway Progress and a Surprise

Today was the day, the day when our fabulous contractor friend "Joe the Builder" (his name choice) came back into town and was set to help us with our tile entry. He volunteered to help because it's an old floor with a giant hump in it and it needed an experienced hand to build up the thinset in the right places and make it as level as possible, a feat made more challenging by the 12x24" tiles I chose. Iam an expert at being high maintenance.

So this morning Joe came over and I was excited and ready to go, but before we got started I wanted to run a quick idea for my kitchen by his professional ear. A lot of you know that I would love to gut my kitchen and open it up to the rest of the house. Unfortunately, that's not in the cards right now...  but a way to inexpensively make the most of it for the time being had recently occurred to me. Joe thought it was a doable project, we talked costs and it seemed inexpensive and a great thing to consider.

I admit, we got sidetracked for a while. But now it's evening and the tile is going in...

But back to getting sidetracked. We got sidetracked about this much:

Anybody in the mood for a kitchen project?


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