Monday, October 8, 2012

Tile and Grout, Check!

Even with my short attention span and impulse wall removal plans (seriously, who does that?) the entry tile still went in over the weekend and last night was grout night.
All that remains now is to caulk the 4-foot line between the new tile and the wood floor and to seal the grout. The tile we used is porcelain so it doesn't need to be sealed, but unsealed grout can let in moisture and stains so it's a good idea to plan on sealing it soon after a tile installation.

The tile we chose is Marazzi's Montagna porcelain tile in 'Cortina' which I found at Home Depot. It's similar looking to Travertine and I'm really pleased with it so far.

Even though the website doesn't show the 12x24 size it was in stock at my local store for about $2.28 a square foot.

I think the flooring looks great now -- which brings my entry's score to 1 out of 50 or so. Squint, and try to imagine the door a different color, and some trim, and some board and batten, and oh... I don't know, some decor?

It'll be great! Eventually. At least we're taking steps toward that, right?


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