Monday, October 29, 2012

Rub 'n Buff Shoes

Yeah, I went there. Is there anything in this world that's safe from me slapping it with paint or other appearance-altering substances? Probably not.

This is a great, quick project for Halloween or anytime -- I used an old pair of tie top bridesmaid heels my sister donated to the cause, and I think they'd be amazing for a Cleopatra or goddess costume. And as such I will be keeping them around and perhaps tailoring my 2013 costume to their fabulousness.

You could easily pull out a tired looking pair of strappy heels from your closet and work some magic on your regular wardrobe, too. After all, everyone needs metallic dress sandals. Or so I say. But really, a LBD with gold sandals? Love. So much more interesting than black shoes.

No special instructions here, guys. Just grab some sandals in need of some Rub 'n Buff love...

... and go to town! Caution, if you're like me and you paint/rub 'n buff/handle frozen blueberries first and think later, your fingers will get dirty and you'll have to wash your hands a lot and exfoliate to get it off. Or try this method for removing oil-based paint, which I just found -- anybody know if it actually works??

The Rub 'n Buff goes on really easily, dries quickly, and doesn't come off when you stick your foot in there. Look at me make a pair of new shoes. I'm practically a cobbler.

Get thee to your closet!


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