Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sparkly Things 10.24.2012

You guys rock. I don't know what else to say, I got so many comments and notes that made me feel great about my decision to go back to school, and all I can say is that I am touched and blessed to have such amazing readers who are so supportive! Like I said, y'all rock.

This school transition is a bit tricky right now, and I'm working on getting used to my new schedule and the dress code. I can only wear black, white, gray, brown, tan, and cream clothing (accessories and shoes don't count) four out of the five days each week. Um... time to go shopping so I don't wear the same things each week, I think. Or time to get a whole lot more creative. Feel free to send awesome outfit ideas my way. Because frankly, I'm a boring dresser. (There, I said it. Honesty is the best policy.) 

These lace peplum tops caught my eye, though:

The Dolce Vita one above makes my heart flutter, but it's $187. This one below, from Casual Couture by Green Envelope is considerably less expensive on and still cute. Not as cute, but still cute.

And I need some fiercely fabulous teal earrings, especially now that I'm a redhead imposter.

And while I'm at it I think I might need some new metallic ballet flats.
Why stop now? I'm absolutely in love with these boot socks from Grace and Lace:

I'm also using this new routine as an opportunity to increase my water consumption -- I'd rather not drain a Diet Coke every night while I sit in class, and I might as well hydrate if I am going to esthetics school, right? I tried this apple cinnamon water 'recipe' I found through Pinterest, and I've got to say... love it! The cinnamon flavor really comes through, and I'm going through pitchers of this stuff like it's, well... Diet Coke ;)

On a slightly sad note, I can't sit and eat an entire batch of these pumpkin scones, even though that's really all I want to do after coming home from class at 10:30 each night:

All because I was warned that there is a lot of nakedness in the esthetics department while we practice techniques. Lord, give me strength to get spray tanned and waxed! I need to start doing lunges.

Good news though, while I was on my treadmill this morning getting my 4 miles in, I was staring at my ugliest-ever bookcase and inspiration hit for an easy upgrade to one of my rarely used, never blogged basement rooms. It could be a great idea, or it could have just been a lack of oxygen...only time will tell. Let's get through this first week in one piece. Baby steps.

Thanks for being patient while I find my rhythm with this new schedule! XO


  1. I've been kind of out of pocket...good luck Anna!

  2. Just ordered a pair of boot socks, thanks for the tip ;-) Best of luck in school, it sounds fun, I know you will do great, enjoy every minute!!

  3. You'll do great, Anna! Just think about what you've built here. It will be a crazy 6 months, then you can come up for air and success will follow. All the best to you! (And those boot socks seriously rock!)

  4. Woot woot!! Excited for your new adventure. I will be trying the water recipe, looks delicious

  5. Those lace tops - so cute. I found something really similar in (of all places!) the teen dept at JCPenney's. I think it was like $17. I bought one like 2 weeks ago. Love it. Best wishes for your new school adventures. It's scary doing something new, I admire you for taking the leap!


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