Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kitchen Progress: Shelves! Paint! Counters!

I've been pretending I didn't have a blog or a kitchen that needed paint over the last couple weeks.

Bad news: my kitchen didn't paint itself while I ignored it.
Good news: It's painted now!
More bad news: I spent my entire weekend painting.
Good news: I'm done painting in there!
Even more bad news: I'm lying, I'm not actually done painting.
Good news: I've got at least a week or two of denial to go through before I paint again.

 Last week the shelves finally went up...

And this weekend I decided I couldn't put it off any longer, so I gathered my supplies, including my big girl underoos. I filled nail holes, caulked, and primed. I repainted all the trim bright white and painted the walls with the new color.

I even dragged the butcher block outside and Mike and I took turns sanding it smooth and pinky promised not to use it as a cutting board anymore.

So after all the sanding and painting, plus some mineral oil (on the wood, not the walls), this is what we've got:

Doesn't it look great?? I love the paint color and I can't wait to fill the shelves up and put subway tile on the walls.

In other kitchen news, I ordered the laminate for my counters last week, too! They're by Formica and made to look like Calacatta Marble. It wouldn't make financial sense to install expensive countertops in our neighborhood, so if I'm going to go with laminate I might as well have fun with it, right?

And in non-kitchen news, I'm less than a month from finishing school and reclaiming my life. That's worth a celebration, right? The count down is on!


  1. Hi Anna! Can't wait to see your finished kitchen. I'm so glad you're using laminate. I'm planning on doing the same since I'd rather spend the money to take my kids to Disneyland than buy expensive stone counter tops. It's lookin' good!

  2. The shelves look fabulous! And, Yay about finishing school! I'm also about a month away from finishing my schooling...soo happy!

  3. The counter looks so good! And I love the paint color. Have you already said what color/brand? It is very smart to no outbuild your neighborhood.

  4. I love the white! Josh wonders if it shows grime worse than darker stain would. we are trying to decide what to do in our kitchen...

    1. This is Emily, by the by... Not sure why that didn't show up :-)

  5. Really thank you for sharing, hope you will have such great posts as this more.


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