Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chicken Partying

Cold temperatures, coupled with human laziness and a poorly patched coop, thrown together with a flock of bossy birds...

...equals a two month free reign, free range backyard chicken party.

And it's time for the party to stop. The weather is finally "nice" enough (I use that term loosely, as I do live in Idaho where summer begins in July...) for a coop patch job and some new house rules. I'm excited to have my backyard back before plants start coming up only to be eaten by my surly backyard flock.

Yeah, I'm talking about you.

That one's sort of a brat.


  1. You must live in Northern Idaho - I live in Western WA where summer begins in July :) I love your chickens.


  2. My kids are dying to have chickens and we're thinking about buying a few laying hens and starting from there (if we can take care of adults, maybe we'll try to get chicks another year). Husband still needs to put up a coop though. So I'm glad that you'll have some advice... or commiseration?


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