Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sparkly Things 02.28.2012

Happy Tuesday! I'm posting late, but rather late than never, right? So much for being on top of things this week, sick kiddos and chickens have a way of keeping me busy! 

Speaking of chickens, my mind is officially blown. I have been spending entirely too much energy obsessively planning and re-planning a coop. I have approximately 700 windows open in my internet browser, all of them open to chicken coop related photos and forums. I'm up at night worrying about insulation and dimensions. Mike doesn't even want to talk to me about it anymore because frankly I'm being obnoxious about it. At least I'm self aware.

So because I'm almost done with the boy's room (almost done! almost done! for reals!) and I haven't gotten enough sleep because of my little one with the flu and my bizarre chicken psychosis... let's focus on some fun things that I've been thinking about lately.

You know, sparkly things. For my inner squirrel. Stuff that caught my eye.

First: these Mossimo wedges at Target

(find them online here)

I stumbled across them and accidentally bought them. They are so cute in person, I promise. The photo does not do them justice, and really you need to go get a pair. They also come in black, and how cute would they be with a fun skirt? Not rolled up sweatpants, though... that's not cute. I should know, it's what I've been wearing for the last two days since I've been stuck at home.

Second: dark chocolate mint m&m's 
(am I the last person to know about these?)

(via Amazon)

Here I am being a super bad influence. But these are sort of like a drug... I'm not usually a fan of weird novelty candy flavors, but I hope these stay. I had a bit of trouble finding them but when I got them home, all was right with the world.

Third: Shelley's entryway closet makeover at The House of Smiths

If you haven't already seen it, hop over and check out the amazing transformation. Shelley and her hubby Cason have done some fabulous things... for example, I love those wooden crates, they've been on my "to do" list for a while now.

Be back tomorrow with the last project in my boys' room... reveal at the end of the week! (hold me to it! I'm so good at procrastinating! Somebody hold a maple bar at knife point and tell me to get a move on.)


  1. So cute! Love all your finds! I may have to get those shoes too!! Just started following you on Bloglovin and loving it!

  2. Just got the shoes in blk in clearance for 14.98! Hot shoes, you're rigjt the pic does'nt come close


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