Monday, November 22, 2010

First snow

Yesterday the first real snowstorm of the year began, and it's still coming down this morning.

My boys can't wait to bundle up and venture outside to roll around and turn into popsicles...

...and you can see that the blurry orange piece of fuzz in the photo below is just as excited about the situation:

She's doing celebratory snow laps around the yard.

We'll be enjoying our first day of vacation today, even if I was a bit surprised that the schools gave us the entire week off. I hope you have a great Monday too!

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  1. I was just watching the news last night and they showed all the new snow everyone is getting. Being a southern CA girl, it just made me all cold inside just looking at it. I would never make it in a "real" winter. Have a fun week!

  2. Oh I love the 1st snow fall. Crazy that here in NJ its still in the low 60's.

  3. As beautiful as the snow is, it's much nicer to just be able to saty home by the fire when it dumps like it has. Waking up an hour early to shovel a three foot drift out from in front of your driveway is NOT the perfect start to a monday morning....Not enough coffee in the whole world I fear. Looks like Miss Maggie Moo Dinga is enjoying her very own Narnia playground, and your children looked as if they were loving it too yesterday when we swapped turkeys.Ten more inches by Wednesday they say, and up to 20 inches in the benches. Perhaps it would be more fun for us all if we could stay home and build snowforts?

  4. Oh these pics are so cute!!! I love the snow, I can't wait to take my daughter sledding!


  5. That looks sooo much more fun than the gloomy sub-warmth we are having here at the moment. Come on snow!


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