Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We hosted Thanksgiving this year, and most of my family was able to make the trip. There were a few faces everyone missed a whole bunch, but it was fun having a big family Thanksgiving (unlike the year we all got stuck together in a cabin on the beach in horrible weather for a week solid. We wouldn't have survived without the large quantities of wine on hand, thank goodness for disaster preparedness).
I even did my best lame-o version of a tablescape for our casual buffet-style dinner.

So. very. proud. Sniff.
We had seven adults and nine kids in my teensy house. A few of the older boys escaped to play video games at my sister's house down the road, but my house was pretty packed for most of the day.
Oh, by the way... have I ever mentioned how my niece didn't want to speak to me for weeks after she found out each of my kiddos were boys? Here's why:
Some of the boy cousins playing Wii...
And the lone girl cousin, fabulous thing that she is... watching the boy cousins play Wii.

 Poor thing. I was her last hope. And I let her down.
We did manage to fill up our little thankful tree over the course of the day...

We are grateful for so many things...

...including some weird things.

I swear I don't have roaches. And that's not my handwriting.

Can any family members help me out here?

And I'm throwing these in just 'cause my boys are cute:

(that's a turkey hat)
Snuggles with Grandma
Be back tomorrow with something for Christmas!


  1. Looks like such a fun holiday! I am also be thankful for no roaches. :)

  2. I swear I didn't write the roaches leaf, but like Emily I'm totally grateful I don't have any. Thanks for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday at your house. ((((HUGS))))

  3. I confess. I wrote the roaches leaf. We were talking about spiders and I was remembering the awful roaches in Portales that used to eat the glue out of my music binding...

    You were a wonderful gracious hostess. I hope the wine ring comes out of your beautifully painted buffet table!

  4. Buff, ewwww. :) I'm just glad it was from way back in the college days and not something any of us were dealing with now!! And I'll have to paint over the ring (even the magic eraser couldn't get it all out, darn it!) but that's okay. It's easy to paint. :)

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