Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Me + Front Loading Washing Machine = Lurve

I'm still suffering from some shock and disbelief as I write this post. Apparently, yours truly gets to pick out a new washer and dryer this month!


Must. Stop. Hyperventilating. They're. Only. Large. Appliances.

We can add this embarrassing display to the list of why Anna needs to get a couple more hobbies, k?

Readers, meet my laundry room of the future:

Source: House and Home

Only picture it much less cute and without natural light, windows, or umbrellas. But the feel of this room, its front-loading spirit if you will, will remain the same.

Our set is only about six years old, but our dryer has been having some issues for the last couple years. We've had it repaired, but in the past year it's started shrinking clothes -- it's been getting progressively worse and we've lost literally hundreds of dollars in clothing. I don't know if it's the venting or the heat control (we've been drying things on delicate or even air fluff without any luck), but at this point I am over it.

A few days ago I came home to a giant pile of my husband's clothing in the garbage can (I don't know why he doesn't want to wear belly shirts and 3/4 length sleeves, y'all). I took that to mean he was fed up, too; I was happy to welcome him into the fold.

So it's official. We're going to get a new (albeit inexpensive) washer/dryer set after we finish our taxes.  Even if it won't be a fancy shmancy one with 175 cycles in a funky color, I'm incredibly happy to be joining the ranks of the front loading washing machines.

Have any of you purchased a new washer/dryer recently? Or maybe you're just a savvy shopper?

I would love and appreciate any tips you could throw my way... I am a gi-normous fan of getting the best deal possible. So lay it on me!


  1. Wow...laundry would be infinitely more relaxing and enjoyable if I had that room! Looking forward to reading the responses as we will need new ones later this year as well.

  2. I have a front loader and love it! I just read recently on Young House Love about a deal they scored on a new front loader set- maybe that deal is still avaliable?

  3. Sigh. I am in no way trying to talk you out of it or being a kill joy (god I hope not) I just wish I could say I loved my front loader. I DID, but now I don't. It's probably just me being anal but I hate the crap, junk and mold that collects on the inside rubber seal. I constantly have to pour bleach in there and do a rinse to get it all out. When this one goes, I'll get a pretty top loader. :)
    Whatever you get will be exciting.. isnt it funny how we get excited over pretty new appliances.. or is it?? lol

  4. I love love love my washing machine. It's a top load, but it has the efficiency of a front loader. The brand is Fisher & Paykel, a company from Australia or New Zealand. We have had it for 3-4 years and it works wonderfully. Trust me, I understand how frustrating it is when laundry washing and drying doesn't go smoothly. Our washer sounds like a jet engine when it spins, and the clothes come out practically dry so it makes our dryer more efficient. I am so-so on our dryer, it's a fairly new Whirlpool but I think it only works well because our washer is so efficient. They sell F&P at Lowe's and HD...you should check them out as an alternative to the front loads. Good luck and happy hunting!

  5. My husband was very good friends with the director of marketing for Whirlpool/Maytag. I will e-mail you a link for their private website so you can get employee pricing. Word to the wise though, I would go to Lowes, Home Depot and look first. Write down the model # and price of the set you like, and then go back and compare it to the website. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy it at a mass retailer if they are running specials and sales. Hope this link helps you out a little bit!! :)

    Anywho, with all of that said I *just* got the Whirlpool Cabrio set. It is a top loader that functions like a front loader and I love it!!! It is the best set of washer/dryers I have ever owned. My heart was set on a front loader but I was talked out of it by employees. I don't remember now what they said but I have been nothing but happy with the set I bought!!

    Just remember with the front loaders if you don't get the pedestals (which usually are for an extra charge) they are going to be super duper low on the ground. I am too lazy to bend over that far... :)

    Happy shopping!!!

    Just a reader de-lurking to try and help out... :)

  6. I hate to rain on your parade but I would do a LOT of research before I got a front loader washing machine. I have yet to talk to anyone who has had them more than a year who still likes them. My daughter bought a 'top of the line' set and really hates it. The washer literally stinks.. the smell will knock you out. Gallons of bleach later she can hardly wait for the thing to die so she can buy a top loader again. Maybe they've been improved in the last 2 years but they sure don't have a good reputation. Good luck! Hope you get something that will thrill your heart. :)

  7. I would wait until President's Day weekend to see if any of the stores you're shopping at have a sale. I've found that most stores do have sales around major holidays :) I've also been told NOT to use powdered anything as it clogs the washing machine & to be sure to stick with liquid. Congrats on laundry stress-free days ahead! Kim B.

  8. Hubby and I purchased a front load set last summer, and I'll never go back!! LOVE them! There are so many benefits. Less soap (we don't have children yet so it's just two peoples worth of clothing, mind you, but we've only bought detergent once since we bought the machines!), less time, less energy and water, and NO shrinkage!! Our set is GE and we purchased it at a local appliance liquidator outlet. We also purchased the pedestals; they make them the perfect loading and unloading height! :D

    One thing I was worried about when we purchased them was some friends had complained of an odor inside the washer after a while. The salesman suggested to always dry off the inside of the washer door, and the inside if the rubber seal, and leave the door cracked when it isn't in use. These don't take much more time, and if you do get a funky smell going on, they sell tablets to clean your machine.

  9. we JUST got new front loaders at the beginning of the year in the post-christmas sales. i must say - you know you will love them, but trust me.. you will L-O-V-E them!! we got a basic LG set (nothing fancy but it has everything we need). we are super happy with them. have fun shopping!!


  10. oooh exciting ( think i too need new hobbies)
    as for front loaders, here in the UK that is all you can get, toploaders look so huge bulky and energy guzzlers. Never had a problem with smells coming from mine unless you have a ditzy moment and forget to take the laundry out the washer for 2 days (trust me I am this scatterbrained), plus you can then have extra counterspace about said appliances for more junk :)

  11. I love your inspiration picture!! I too want to say my peace because I am in a similar situation as you ( being fed up ) however my husband and I just purchased ours less than 2 years ago! We were sucked into the energy saving thing and while it sounded good at first,I now have to run my dryer twice just to get my clothes dry. I'm not sure if this is typical with the energy saver dryers but I hate mine and look forward to going back to something more old fashion.

  12. I am in love with that laundry room inspiration! :) We have an old washer/dryer (seriously the equivalent of doing laundry with an old fashioned washing board and hanging the clothes out to dry) so I am super jealous. Can't wait to see what you pick out. (new follower-because I find you hilarious, totally worth one of my 300 spots!)

  13. We got a spendy Whirlpool front load washer and it crapped out in 2 years and a few months. A few months PAST our warranty. My hubs looked into fixing it, but there were 3 circuit boards that could be the problem and each was around $300. So we went bought a $500ish Samsung model, which is more basic but washes great so far. A friend in the coin operated laundry biz said that you are better off with a simple model, less to go wrong. Enjoy your new laundry equip!

  14. Sears is having a President's Day sale. 15% off W/D and 30% off Kenmores I *think*. We're having our first set ever delivered tomorrow - eeee! :) I'm so sick of coin laundry.


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