Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Least Favorite Job In the World

Wallpaper removal is awful. Maybe I'm making a snap judgement by labeling it my least favorite job in the world, but I don't care. It's most definitely my least favorite house-related task, and since moving into this house I've had to peel paint from unprimed wallboard, wrestle metal posts from the ground, and pull hundreds of carpet tacks from wooden floors. Sooo, I'm pretty much an expert on crappy jobs, and removing old wallpaper tops my list.

Remember the four levels of stairwell ugliness from yesterday's post?

Today I started tackling them. Why today, you may ask? Well, for a few reasons:
  1. I've got big plans for the space! I'm a fan of plans.
  2. I'm a little neurotic, and I sometimes lay awake thinking about all those big plans and imagining (I kid you not) all the things I could caulk around my house!
  3. Shame. I can't post such a nasty space and then not do my best to sort it out ASAP so y'all don't think I'm weird.
  4. My husband was in a really good mood this morning. That may sound silly, but I'm pretty sure my random demo stresses my cute man out, so I like to take advantage of good moods so he still loves me when he gets home for dinner!
Speaking of which, this is what greeted my husband when he came home for dinner Monday evening:

The good news is he still loves me. The bad news is this is going.to.take.forever.

My contractor brother-in-law is loaning me his fancy ladder that can contort like a Cirque du Soleil performer and can safely deliver me to great heights (eep!) in order to remove the paper and then paint the walls in the stairwell.

So let's all say some prayers for scared-of-heights me, okay?


  1. How is it that we're taking on the same Home Improvement Hell projects? Our worst so far was wallpaper over un-primed drywall. We pretty much had to plaster over the entire surface once the paper was down.

  2. haha.. wow. it looks better already!! just remember it has to get worse before it gets fabulous. good luck!


  3. It usually is a challenge with wallpaper but I think you will be so pleased with the end result. Really like your blog!


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