Friday, November 4, 2011

Giving Thanksgiving Her Due

Poor Thanksgiving. If you listened to retail, you'd think she's Christmas's less attractive, less talented sister.

As tempting as it is to dive right into Christmas each year ('cause come on, squee!) I work really hard to give Thanksgiving its due... even though sometimes I fail. But even then I contain my Christmas insanity to places like bathrooms until the pumpkin pie has been cut.

I'm excited to announce that I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year, but I'm still looking forward to making a couple fancy little smackerals to share. And then taking the leftovers home, eating them and running 10 miles a day for the month of December. Or buying some new pants... also a viable option.

Last year, I put a thankful tree out on the day of Thanksgiving and my whole family filled it up over the course of the day with some fabulous things (butter) and some bizarre (no roaches?). This year I decided to start early; I put it out today and Mike, I, and the boys will decorate it throughout November.

So tell me... do you go all out for Thanksgiving or is November just a formality in your world?


  1. ooh, please let us know how that cakey smackeral goodness tastes... I am intrigued! Also, I am going to make a goal of using the word smackeral as often as possible :)
    Love your decorations!

  2. The "No Roaches" was a SERIOUS thankfulness. Just saying.

  3. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year too so I did a fall theme bathroom. Oranges, browns and greens (towels and shower curtain) with a pumpkin-y bath mat, cinnamon scented pinecones in a large clear vase and "happy harvest" hand towels. It's smells awesome in there! :)

  4. I decorate for Autumn, not for each month.

  5. I LOVE Thanksgiving! It is as close to stress free as holidays get.. no big expectations beyond a yummy meal. Its just a wonderful family time. Time to do all the 'remember whens' and 'I can't believe how big the kids are now' and 'how is ______ doing?' Time to share recipes, hugs, gratitude and laughter. Yep.. I love it! So, yes, I do decorate for Thanksgiving with pilgrims, pumpkins and turkeys and thoroughly enjoy this lovely little interlude between Halloween and Christmas.

  6. I made a thanksgiving tree for the first time this year. The placecards at the Thanksgiving table will double for the ornaments for the tree (we write on the back). I also purchased some cute craft birds to perch on the "tree." I'm hoping to start a tradition! Thanks to the blog world for introducing me to this lovely tradition! BTW - Love your centerpiece!

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