Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Goal Review

This is going to hurt. This is the post where I go through my list of 2011 goals that I wrote about in January and see how much I accomplished, and how much I veered off course. I'm practically an expert in getting off task, so this should be interesting.

Here's my post from this January copied in full, with all sorts of embarrassing notes in red, the color of shame. Haha!

Before I hop back into living room fixin' uppin' I have one more thing to do to set up 2011 to be the BEST. YEAR. EVER!! Or at least a marginally productive year where hopefully I can stay on task to accomplish even a small percentage of my goals. I tend to get sidetracked easily, y'all. (Foreshadowing, anyone?)

So now, in honor of my ridiculous love of whimsically named lists I present:

Anna's Big Ole' List Of Short-ish Term House Projects That Will Make Her Husband Cringe and Pout and Possibly Stomp About A Bit, But Will Bring Anna Much Joy And Needed Motivation To Stay On Task Throughout The Upcoming Year.

Living Room

  • Pick a new paint color (no snide comments from family, please) - (I picked not one but two! Talk about overachieving.)
  • Trim out windows & backdoor  (Yeeaaah, that's right. I'm 2 for 2 so far.)
  • Install baseboard (Hmm. nope.)
  • Make two cabinet doors for built-in  (Um, not this one either.)
  • Build sofa table with cubbies  (Redemption!)
  • Convert back door into dutch door  (Oops. I bought the hardware, that counts, right?)
  • Pine away for a new white slipcovered sectional to replace my ugly sad sack couch (Pining!)
Total: 4/7 - Not horrible, but not awesome.

Kitchen/Garage Entry

  • Demo built-in desk in the nook of shame (Nope!)
  • Move staircase and landing over to create more of an entry "mud room" space (Ouch... not yet!)
  • Build bench (Ooh. The shame.)
  • Paint knotty pine paneling on nook ceiling white (YES! I was getting worried there.)
  • Pine for the day I can afford to redo my kitchen (I am really good at pining.)
Total:  2/5 - Not so hot. Especially since one of them was only pining. At least I added hooks to my nook - why, oh why didn't I put that on my goal list?? Let's move on.

Dining Room

  • Paint knotty pine paneling on ceiling above table white (Nooo! Only one thing and I blew it!)
Total: 0/1 - I am hanging my head in shame, for realsies.

Master Bedroom

  • Prime and paint crown molding (And it only took me a year!)
  • Install baseboard (No on the baseboard again...)
  • Trim out door and closet (Trying to convince myself that 1960's round casing is super cool.)
  • Bifold closet door makeover (I pulled off the knobs and now have to claw at it from the floor to make it open, does that earn me any points?)
Total: 1/4 - In my defense my eyes are shut most of the time I spend in this room.

Upstairs Bathroom

  • Install baseboard (2011 was not my year for baseboard. I don't want to talk about it. Sniff.)
Total: 0/1 - Dumb. Stupid bathroom!

Guest Room

  • Paint stripes - (yeeeeeeeeah, about that. Changed my mind.)
Total: 0/1 - But this is sort of positive, because if I had painted it, I'd just have to change it! Trying to look on the bright side of things...

Front Room 
  • Install board & batten (Drat! Didn't get to it in 2011, but it's happening sooooon!)
  • Trim out doors and windowseat (Doing this when I board & batten)
  • Paint ceiling (Nope. It's still a glorious high gloss yellow.)
  • Remove ugly painted tile entryway and install slate (Blargh. Blerg. Blork!!)
Total: 0/4 - What DID I do this year? Sheesh.

Boys' Room

  • Build decorative bookcases or shelving (I'm pretty sure this wasn't referring to the closet, but look at me cross it off - yeaaah, baby. There are shelves in that closet. I say it counts.)
  • Replace light fixture (Yeah, I did this - but just with a temporary one to remove the fan because of the boys' bunk bed - I'm still counting it, though!)
  • New window coverings (Nooooope. I bought fabric, and then ignored it for a year.)
  • Find new dresser (I built a closet instead! I'm crossing this off, and you can't stop me!)
Total: 3/4 - Yeeeaaah, that's right.

Laundry Room
  • Replace sink, faucet, counter (Um, nope. I did mess the room up pretty bad though.)
  • Makeover cabinet and shelf (Hmm... no)
  • Build drying rack (Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. Oops!)
Total: 0/3 - It looks super trashy too. This might be my biggest fail of 2011. Haha.

So what do you think? I'm nothing if not ambitious! And incredibly unfocused.


All righty then. I need to go rest my head. Let's all cross our fingers for a more on-task 2012! 

Wondering what I did do in 2011? Check out my top 10 project list and see for yourself...


  1. Oh Anna!!!! Don't forget to add to that list,
    a. made a fabulous spy costume for my son
    b. picked the perfect outfit for my friends wedding
    c. painted a whimsical lamp post
    d. low budget redo on kitchen

    I know not on your list but fabulous results all the same!

  2. Going by the numbers, it looks like your boys were your priority. All is right with the world (=

  3. Ha! Anna, I think it's hilarious that you hate your couch and just the other day I asked you where you got it because I actually like it! It isn't my first choice, but since my husband's choice for a sofa is what I call "1980's bachelor chic" complete with pillow arms and built in recliners and he dislikes all the couches I show him, yours is a nice compromise. I'm still trying to get him to see the error of his ways and decide he likes the streamlined couch of my dreams. We'll see who wins out....

  4. Haha, that is funny! It is a pretty good compromise couch, that's how we ended up with it... I'm just done compromising on furniture. ;) LOVE my honey, would definitely make sure a couch fit him and was comfortable, but we've both come to the conclusion that I care more than he does what our furniture looks like...

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  6. very warm type of design on those pictures


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