Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mother of All House To Do Lists

Before I hop back into living room fixin' uppin' I have one more thing to do to set up 2011 to be the BEST. YEAR. EVER!! Or at least a marginally productive year where hopefully I can stay on task to accomplish even a small percentage of my goals. I tend to get sidetracked easily, y'all.

So now, in honor of my ridiculous love of whimsically named lists I present:

Anna's Big Ole' List Of Short-ish Term House Projects That Will Make Her Husband Cringe and Pout and Possibly Stomp About A Bit, But Will Bring Anna Much Joy And Needed Motivation To Stay On Task Throughout The Upcoming Year.

  • Pick a new paint color (no snide comments from family, please)
  • Trim out windows & backdoor
  • Install baseboard
  • Make two cabinet doors for built-in
  • Build sofa table with cubbies
  • Convert back door into dutch door
  • Pine away for a new white slipcovered sectional to replace my ugly sad sack couch

Kitchen/Garage Entry

  • Demo built-in desk in the nook of shame
  • Move staircase and landing over to create more of an entry "mud room" space
  • Build bench
  • Paint knotty pine paneling on nook ceiling white
  • Pine for the day I can afford to redo my kitchen

Dining Room

  • Paint knotty pine paneling on ceiling above table white

  • Prime and paint crown molding
  • Install baseboard
  • Trim out door and closet
  • Bifold closet door makeover

  • Install baseboard

Guest Room

  • Paint stripes

Front Room
  • Install board & batten
  • Trim out doors and windowseat
  • Paint ceiling
  • Remove ugly painted tile entryway and install slate

  • Build decorative bookcases or shelving
  • Replace light fixture
  • New window coverings
  • Find new dresser

Laundry Room
  • Replace sink, faucet, counter
  •  Makeover cabinet and shelf
  • Build drying rack

So what do you think? I'm nothing if not ambitious!

Linking up to The Nester's 2011 Home Goals party...


  1. Found your post on The Nester....Great goals, looks like you have some fun ahead of you!!!!

  2. Love your dining room!! I normally do not care for unpainted wood, but your knotty wood pine ceilings are spectacular! And those windows are great too!

  3. You have a beautiful home and good luck with your ideas! I have to say though, I love the knotty pine ceiling. Knotty pine cabinets? Maybe not but that ceiling looks great! Just sayin....I know how it is when you decide you must change something though.

  4. Your home is beautiful. I love your dining room!!! You have great goals for the year. It'll be fun to see the end results! Glad I stopped by from the Nester's party.
    Kristen @ High Heels and a Hammer

  5. YOur home has beautiful bones! Though I like your ceiling right now, I think it will look great painted too! Looks like you've got lots of fun projects ahead of you!

  6. One of my goals is to trim out the windows and doors this year too. Not looking forward to it! =)

  7. You have a gorgeous home--I love the stuff you are doing/planning for it! We have a long (LONG) to-do list as well. It gets overwhelming and I feel so much more inspired after seeing your work!

  8. Oh wow!! I LOVE your house. And what great goals you have for all of your spaces! Don't be afraid to be adventurous. You will not regret it! And if you do regret it, it's just paint, you can always change it! :)
    I LOVE my painted ceiling. It makes me happy every time I see it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to comment!
    Following along-


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