Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A 2011 Resolution: Be Good To Myself (And you! Free printable!)

Before I move on with the regularly scheduled programming (ha) I wanted to highlight my other resolution for this year: be good to myself.

We see other people and their fabulous remodels, with their perfect hair and accessories at 8:14 am, or their detailed family organizational systems. And we want to be like them.

I think it's all to easy to get caught up in this vision of a perfect self, a perfect life, and the goals we think we need to achieve to reach that 'perfection' -- and worse, we feel like we need to accomplish those goals rightthisveryminute.
Then we think that we can and should get from point A (messy hair and yoga paints at 8:14 am 11:45 am) to point Z (our perceived ideal new, improved self) in the snap of a finger, or at the drop of a ball in Times Square one wintery night.

And then? Most likely we fail. We fail miserably. And we beat ourselves up about it.

So...that's not gonna happen this year, ladies. 

Instead of focusing on all the things I want to do or to be (thinner! with a cuter kitchen! and a cuter bum!) I'm going to work on being good to myself.

This resolution includes but is not limited to:
(I do love a list!)

  • Being kind.
  • Not beating myself up or comparing myself to others. (this includes comparing bum cuteness)
  • Self-improvement... while having realistic goals and expectations.
For me this resolution is all about having a healthy outlook on life, rather than making a giant list of rigid guidelines and setting myself up for failure.

Honestly, who cares if you have a piece of chocolate cake if you're not sitting down and eating the entire thing every other day? Take care of yourself and exercise so you can enjoy fabulous things like chocolate cake.

And if you forget to exercise one day? Oops. Try again tomorrow.

And when does organization become counterproductive -- am I going to sleep better at night if my Christmas ornaments are organized by color and shape when I only get them out once a year? Could those two extra ornament-sorting hours be better spent elsewhere?

{yes, this is a 4 x 6 printable if you're into quirky stuff like that - click on it to be taken to the full-sized version for download}

I'm going to work on enjoying the journey a bit more this year. Care to join me?

Besides, bum implants are totally impractical and expensive.


  1. You are cracking me up! What do you mean? Why should I get out of my yoga pants if I don't have to pick up the kids until 3? Changing from pj's to anything else is a big step for me most days. ha-ha! And accessories? Please...unless I'm getting out of the car and spending more than 30 minutes somewhere public, forget it.
    I love your resolutions - especially the part about having REALISTC goals and expectations. And being kind, I should do that too. I'm much to impatient most of the time and that leads to being not so sweet a lot of the time. Oops, did I just say that out loud?
    Well, I really enjoy getting your posts in my email inbox, they put a smile on my face and a laugh to my day! I'd better go now, I've got about 4 minutes to get out of my pajama pants and pick up the kids. Sometimes I get too impatient in the car line and have to park and walk up to get them, yikes!
    Have a blessed week,

  2. You're so sweet! Thanks for your kind words and I am SO very glad that I'm not the only one in yoga pants and a ponytail hiding out in the car with sunglasses at kindergarten pickup time. haha :)


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