Friday, January 14, 2011

'Rice Paddy' Living Room

The living room is painted! I got some nice comments and encouraging words from people after I posted about my green dilemma, and in the end I decided to paint the room Sherwin Williams 'Rice Paddy' and I lurve it. So glad I went with my gut and picked a lighter shade.

Here's a peek:

It is definitely green. And I like it that way -- it's a nice light color that changes depending on the light, but I like all the color variations I've noticed so far. On a side note, I'm incredibly glad I painted test patches all over my walls, some of those seemingly harmless greens looked horrible in the wrong light! (think hospital green or 1980's bridesmaid seafoam green...ew?)

As much as I like the contrast of deep colors with crisp white trim, I think I prefer the light, cheerful feeling this paint brings to the room. I finished painting in the evening, and even with the lamps off the room felt much lighter than it has for the past eighteen months... it made me realize how cave-like my poor living room has been. I still want can lights installed in my lightless living room, but for now I'm much happier with my lighter, brighter, cheerful living room!


  1. Looks great! I need to repaint my living room too. I didn't plan very well when I picked a smoky olive color. I bought the paint before we moved in and painted the living room the day we got the keys to the house (no furniture= easier to paint!). Well, I wasn't taking into account that we have NO overhead lights in that room and it's DARK. So now I'm trying to come up with a new color for it- I'm thinking a soft gray of some kind. I completely understand the cave-like feeling and the want for recessed lighting!

  2. It looks beautiful now. What a change light makes!

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