Monday, January 17, 2011

White Slipcovered Couches - A Dream Come True or a Recurring Nightmare?

Okay, peeps. I have visions of white slipcovered bliss in my living room.

Imaginary products magically photoshopped into my living room using questionable amounts of skill:
1. Ektorp Corner Sofa from IKEA
2. Seville Rush Cube from
Gosh, I am so good at Photoshop. ;)

I even "painted" the back door in preparation for its makeover into a dutch door in a funky color, possibly red like my fun front door:

Woo, look at me getting off topic! Back to slipcovered couches.

I love the clean, classic look of slipcovers; I love that you can pop them into the wash when they need it; I love that you can change the look of your furniture if you so choose, all while keeping a clean line since the covers are fitted. Love!

Speaking of love, I also love the Pearce sectional from Pottery Barn. But there's no way I'm going to purchase one, for two very good reasons:

1. I'm a big fan of doing things on a budget, especially if I can get a classic look for less money!

2. My boys? They are big fans of destroying things. (Please note that I didn't say 'kids', I said 'boys' -- ask my husband who in our family broke the futon when we were first married by getting a running head start to jump over the back of it in order to land sideways, ready for movie watching.)

Anyhoosies. Expensive furniture is not really in my plans until my kids graduate high school and my husband inexplicably slows down or gets old enough to require the use of a walker, thereby drastically minimizing the chances of another flying leap couch-breaking incident.

And that IKEA Ektorp sofa? Is only $799! And I've heard pretty good things about it, especially for the price. I die.

So tell me, what do you think about white slipcovers? Let me first say that:

1. I'm not insane, I promise.
2. My kids don't eat in the living room.
3. I'd probably get an extra slipcover so I could switch them out without leaving the couch naked.
4. This is not happening in the near future, I'm just a planner. And I want one soooooooooo bad.

So bad. Sniff.


  1. White fabric of any kind, even slipcovers would not make it into my house, ever. Between my boys, my clumsy hubby, and my little dog (also white, and I have trouble keeping her looking clean!), it's just too hopeless to contemplate. I don't like doing laundry that much.

  2. Without pets, you might be okay. I have off-white couches (I bought them when Nathan was a baby... what was I thinking?!) and they've held up pretty well, but they are in need of a cleaning. I think as long as you can wash them, you'd be okay. And I love the look :)

  3. Well I DO have pets, but our dog doesn't get on the furniture and our black cat barely sheds -- we have white bedding and only after quite some time do I notice some hair.
    The thing is, if I HATED it I could always buy a slipcover in a different color -- but I think the IKEA option sounds inexpensive enough that I won't want to keel over and die when someone sits down on it, you know?

  4. if you have your heart set on it.. do it!!! Do it do it! :)
    I got a light cream color leather section. Swore I would never do leather or a light color couch and I am soooo glad I did. love it

  5. I say go for it. I wanted a white slip-covered couch from Ikea sooooo bad when I bought my house, but himmed and hawed and got talked out of it, mostly by myself. HA! I like the couch I have, but someday.........someday..........

    So, go for it. I bet you'll love it, and if you don't make sure you let me know before I buy one! Hee hee.

  6. I made my own white denim slipcovers for a sectional we bought from Macy's a year ago. I love them 10 times more than I thought I would (3 cats no kids).

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