Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Neighbor gift idea & Christmas tags


Aren't they cute?

I'm so proud of my non-wrapping self. My strength does not lie in packaging things cutely, I promise. When I see gift bags with 7 different colors of precisely aligned and fluffed tissue paper and crazy little picks and curly ribbon, all I can think about is how long that must have taken the wrapper.

So while I admire people who can turn a gift bag into a gift in its own right, or who can scrapbook like a maniac... that's just not me. So I? Am proud of these.

And my neighbors better like 'em if they know what's good for them!!

The recipe for an awesome neighbor gift a la Take the Side Street's manageable standards?

  • Metal pails from Target's dollar spot (love. love. LOVE. Target's dollar spot)
  • Bag of red cello gift bags (30 for $1 at... you guessed it, Target!)
  • Thin satin ribon (spool of 3 complementary ribbons for $1.50 on sale at Michael's)
  • Homemade 'Merry Christmas' tags
  • And... Christmas junk snack food deliciousness.

It... sort of looks delicious, right? Well it is, I swear.

I doubled this recipe from Family Fun, and I may or may not have added some extra dried cranberries because I'm their biggest cran-tastic-loving fan.

I threw the snack mix into the little red bags (I was originally planning to use clear bags but when I went to my stash I found these red ones and decided I was entirely against driving to the store just for small cello bags.) which then went into the larger metal pail (cuteness factor! Layering is always cute when done thoughtfully, right? Clothes, gift wrap... I'm learning so much today!)

I finished it off with a little bow and some tags I made a few weeks ago. I used a 2-inch punch to cut them out and yes, I painstakingly created that scallop by hand... I am such a computer geek stud.

Want the tag? I think it's pretty cute. Here it is for your downloading pleasure:

Merry Christmas Gift Tags

Merry Christmas, go make some gifts! I'd love for you to comment and let me know how you're planning to use the 'Merry Christmas' tags if you're going to download them! (Secretly I just want all your cute ideas...mwahahaha.)


  1. Perfect! I love Target's dollar section too!! Your neighbors will appreciate the pretty re=-useable containers, I'm sure.

  2. Thanks for sharing these great tags. We are going to use them to tie onto the bags of cookies my daughter is giving to her classmates. The tags need to be not to "frou-frou" for the boys and these are perfect!

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