Friday, September 3, 2010

bring on the football

Not real football, though. Shh... please don't tell anyone, but I've never been a big fan of watching sports on television. It gets really boring, really quickly. I end up wandering around my house doing all those other things that need to get done right then. Things organizing the coat closet, changing up a vignette somewhere (look at me using big fancy words!), or even planning the next project that will make my husband shake his head in resignation. (he's not a fan of coming home to holes in the wall I guess...)

Football's main redeeming quality in my eyes is how it practically screams, "fall is here!!" I'm a big fan of that part of the game. Wearing a warm sweater, sipping from a thermos of coffee while your cheeks turn pink and your breath comes out in a fog... good times! So I will admit that I'm looking forward to going to some of my nephews' games this season.

We're not quite to that place yet; both my boys are too young, and we can still feel summer around us even though our mornings this week have been deliciously chilly. But in the meantime I'm happy to watch some practice games.

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  1. Great photos of your mini football team, but Wes is looking way too mature. Where is Grammy's snuggle bunny??


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