Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Heart

My wedding anniversary with the cutest husband ever happened to fall on this past weekend. And being the boring old folks we are, there were no fireworks, roses, or weekend getaways without kids.

There were plenty of hugs, smiles, and laughs.. surrounded by our boys, of course. 

We also exchanged gifts. My husband bought me some small glass floats, which I've wanted for years.  I love the ocean, and those dreamy blues and greens make my world go 'round.

I even made a homemade banana cream pie (his favorite) and we had ourselves a happy heart day.

You have to eat a slice of pie for each year you've been  married, right?

...right, guys?

(P.S. I'm so excited that February was my best month ever for page views! I appreciate all of you awesome people who continue to come back and read this blog... love you guys!)


  1. My parents always celebrated their anniversary with my sister and me. When we got older, she and I tried to do things like get my parents restaurant reservations, but they would always look at us and say, "You're coming with us, right?"


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