Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me vs. Wild

My husband spends approximately 40% of his free time trying to convince me to go camping. He talks about how fun and fabulous it would be. He makes elaborate plans, buys camping gear, and brainwashes talks to our boys about  it, too.

The problem is, there are a few reasons why I struggle with the idea of going on a real camping trip:
  •   I've only been camping once before, and little green worms fell from the trees. I. am. serious.
  • I'm a giant wuss.
  • Tents offer no real protection from scary things like bears that want to eat me for dinner.
  • I like plumbing, y'all. Showers and toilets are not optional
  • Spiders are not okay in my world.

  • I've watched too many Man vs. Wild episodes that involved eating horrible, horrible things when trapped in the wilderness.
  • And I would undoubtedly get trapped somewhere, in the wilderness.
  •  Would you want to be trapped in the wilderness with this??

  • Did I already mention bears and wussiness? Because both of those apply.
Unfortunately, I don't know if I'm going to be able to avoid it this year -- I've given Mike my list of demands suggestions and what kind of mother would I be if I got in the way of good, old fashioned bear-snacking family fun?

Are any of you campers? Do you have any tips for me? Does dry shampoo really work? What can you do about falling worms?

Can't we just keep camping in the backyard and call it good??

 I guess a girl can always dream.


  1. Ha ha, you crack me up! Well, I have to admit, I am a camper. I love it! Don't get me wrong, I'm a girly girl too (& yes, I love plumbing), but there's something so fun to me about becoming one with nature from time to time. I prefer to camp where there's some sort of water feature (river, lake, stream, ocean), and there is biodegradeable shampoo and soap so you can bathe (extra good if it's a fresh water feature). Also, bug spray helps a lot, and those citronella candles. Oooh, and the biggest lifesaver is a screen tent to put over the picnic table. It helps keep those icky bugs out while you're up at nigt playing cards and hangin' out. It really can be a fun adventure and I have very fond childhood memories of camping with my family (mom included). And, if you go once, and totally hate it, it can be a father/kids thing after that :)

  2. There are campgrounds with flushing toilets and hot showers....

    I LOVE camping. My husband is the one that doesn't so we bought a trailer. Now were too busy to even go!


  3. I love camping!!! It is a lot more fun if you go in a group, yes dry shampoo works even though I am also a water feature camper, and all the suggestions above are great, screen tent is a lifesaver!!!! Good luck Anna :)

  4. Make it a fun project!

    Look at it as a project just like any other to be organized and completed.

    Your to-do list are a must for this one... food to-do list - there is so much fun to be had camp cooking - lots of fun ideas are out there. Make a to-do list for what you want to plan for meals and what all you will need.

    Organization is essential for car camping to make things easily accessible at the drop of a green worm!! I take crates with me for each "necessity" - bug crate (spray, candles, netting), first aid crate, food crate, games crate, etc. Spray paint them fun colors to remember which is which more easily.

    There are lots of camp sites that offer plumbing and it could be a fun family evening looking at where to go that meets all your "suggestions".

    Finally, make your camp site the talk of the grounds! Wind kites, colored flags to hang, welcome mat - decorate all you want! see? fun!

    Camping is a wonderful experience full of fantastic memory making moments!

    Good luck!


  5. OMG, you really need to warn us before posting pictures of spiders like that!!! =) Hehe, just teasing, but I am totally with you on the camping thing. I too have had bad experiences with camping and just choose to say "no" to any and all camping excursions.

  6. Camping should not include a camp site. ;)

  7. Baby steps are needed Mike, baby steps...

    Camp sites have their purpose. I myself am an avid backpacker, but like to go leisurely every now and again!

  8. I'd wear a hat to avoid those falling tree worms! You are missing out on some good fun - setting up an outdoor home can be lots of fun! I love to make stuff for our campsite - like a flag repurposed from a broken camping chair that identifies the site as ours. We usually go with other families. I love the challenge of planning meals and making a cozy sitting area around the fire ring - including the tackiest decor!

  9. awwww! you might love it! it really is a lot of fun and your children will have the best memories! i am so not about spiders and yucky bugs, and I LOVE the comforts of a 5 star hotel....but....if it makes the hubs happy!


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