Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Blorthday

Today is my blorthday!

 Blog... birthday... it's a blorthday. Do you think it'll catch on? Nah, me neither.

I started Take the Side Street one year ago as a creative outlet and an online diary of sorts, where I could talk my way through my design decisions (beause I hate making decisions) and hopefully get some feedback (translation: have other people make my decisions). And while I've certainly done a little bit of thinking out loud here and I've gotten some great feedback from my fabulous readers, this blog has turned into so much more than I originally planned!

Blogging has helped me meet some fabulous people, it's served as an amazing outlet for me as a stay at home mom, and it's been a great opportunity for me to stretch my creative muscles.

I'm excited to see what the next year holds -- thank you for being a friend!

Super important blorthday question for discussion: Which Golden Girl are you - Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche or Rose?

I think I'm Sophia, with a little streak of Rose. When I say 'little streak' I might be overly optimistic though.

P.S. Tonight is my high school reunion. I die.


  1. Happy blorthday, Anna! Your blog is always inspiring, and funny. Cheers to many more blorthdays!

  2. Happy blorthday! Happy you're online!

    PS...I think I'm a Maude!

  3. Hi Anna, you are one of the first bloggers I subscribed to when I began blogging on wordpress last autumn. I've so much enjoyed reading about your projects ~ you inspire me! Happy blog birthday :) xo Diane

  4. I love your blog! Hip hip hooray!

    P.S. Will you tell me ALL about the high school reunion? Aren't we OLD!?!

  5. Thanks ladies!! I appreciate the blorthday wishes. ;) And Tara, we need to talk. Why must you be on the other side of the world, literally? This cramps my style ;)

  6. I'm Maude. You know that, you brat -- you just want to be Sophia so you can be my Ma and boss me. xoxo

  7. Do you mean Dorothy or are you eschewing my rigid Golden Girl guidelines and going for Maude a la Harold and Maude?


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