Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Have a Seat, We'll Make a Plan...

Remember how a while ago, I posted about a chair that I had sort of fallen in love with online?

Well, I bought it. My precious.

I only bought one in case I didn't love it, or it didn't work in the room, or in case I woke up and was suddenly pregnant and had made a furniture purchase based on pregnancy hormones (which in my personal experience leads to nothing but post-purchase heartburn and woe).

The good news is none of those things happened so I'm thinking that I might need another one. You know, a set. How cute. 

It is a little greener in real life than it appeared online, much more of a lemongrass color that I thought it would be... but that was a good surprise.

Speaking of changes to my living room, notice the sofa table has moved with the arrival of the new couch? Well, at least for the time being... we'll see what happens. I change my mind a whole lot and find rearranging rooms to be relaxing... have I mentioned I'm a little neurotic and have weird habits?

Last month I also made a design board for the living room, and since we're already on the subject, let's take a look at it:

Anybody else notice that (purely by accident) the color scheme is mighty similar to that in my boys' room? I must really like those colors... ummm, it's all about cohesiveness. I toooootally did it on purpose! Swearsies. Cough.

My husband isn't thrilled with the idea of layering a small colored rug over a large natural fiber rug over the existing carpet, and I can see his point. Darn that carpet! I love the pop of navy though so we might have to introduce it another way. Aaaand I think I'm going to have to find a different yellow fabric, since I didn't realize until now that it's the same fabric I bought for pillows for my boys, just in a different color. Oops.

I like what I like, okay? ;)


  1. Looks great! And that chair is pure awesome! :-)

  2. we should just move in together because those are the EXACT colors i'm wanting to do for our family room and banquette!

  3. My mom rearranges the house on a whim almost every month! When we were kids we'd come home from school and our bedrooms would no longer be our bedrooms! They'd suddenly belong to a different sibling (or siblings) and sometimes even our bunkmates changed! So you're not the only one with that particular habit!!

  4. First, love the chair. Definitely get another one!

    Second, total lol at pregnancy purchasing. I have two HUGE recliners, a rocking chair AND a ridiculously soft mattress that is fab if you're sleeping in it alone with a big ole baby belly, but turns into a crazy cushy valley-shaped trap when you introduce a second person -- all preggo purchases that were perhaps not the best ideas.

  5. Can you tell me the name of the green, blue and cream fabric? I have been trying to search for it but haven't had any luck


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